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13 October 2010 @ 09:01 pm
{ request post @ 101013 to 101015 } ; CLOSED  
sweet cherries on cream with blue icing and a ton of sugar. you can have it.

this is a request post , which means anything you comment back on here would be seen by me

since i will have a lot of time on my hands after this week , and i'm dry of ideas , i'd like to take up any requests .
REQUESTS (confirmed)
{click on done if it is done, for the link to the fic. :P}

 1.  cloudyday2sb
- Jongkey/Jongyu/ Angst, PG-13
'If you've ever been alone in the dark blue
If you've ever been alone you'll know'

- Dark Blue ; Jack's Mannequin
- {101013}; Status: DONE.

2. tagasaing
- 2Min/ Fluff, PG
'The Girl in 14G'
- Kristin Chenoweth ;
- {101013}; Status: DONE.

3. owlbee (rea)
- Onkey/ Fluff, Incest(?), PG-13
"Don't say we're not right for each other because the way I see it, we might not be right for anyone else."
- The Cutting Edge ;
- {101013}; Status: DONE.

4. pjvj10 (Pooja)
- Jongyu/OT5/ Fluff, PG
Jonghyun is kind of neglected and starts hanging out with a few of his hyungs and then SHINee members start to miss him and get irritated.
- {101013}; Status: DONE

5. aitotchideto (Ai)
- 2Min/Onkey/Jongyu, Fluff, PG
http://i55.tinypic.com/4iiptw.jpg and http://i53.tinypic.com/28v9isl.jpg
- {101013} ; Status: WRITING

6. izon_no_niwa (Angelique)
- Junseung, romance, mystery, angst, parties, drugs. etc, PG-13
Endless, A Silent Whisper
First of Summer
A Call to Arms
- Urbandub ;
- {101014}

7. themagicalfaggy (Annie)
- Junseung, romance, humor and fluff, PG
One Week l snapshots l Adorkable l This l and Hyunseung saying this maybe.
- {101014}

8. mad_nux
- Jongkey/Ontae, highschool romance/ fluff, PG13
Jong is bff with onew. Key is bff with Taemin. Jong and Key don't like each other . Onew likes Taemin, so Jong and Key have to cooperate to try to get OnTae to be together.. in the process JongKey fall for each other
- {101014}

9. hikari_7losa 
- 2Min, Highschool romance/fluff, PG-13
taemin is the one who take first step, he can become spoiled kid but can become mature too, taemin is a cheerful boy who have a lot friends but have friend who hate him too.
taemin will be 1st person who come to his house and make all minho's family get shock
minho is a soccer player. He will injured and taemin will take care of him in minho's house..

- {101014}


Requests are closed as from 15 October.
angeliqueizon_no_niwa on October 14th, 2010 02:45 pm (UTC)
waaaa you saw me at omona >_< I hope I am not all over the place |D

sure~ don't worry :) take your time and do as you please with the prompts~ fighting! :D