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12 October 2010 @ 05:16 pm
{ love is all that i can give to you } ; songdrabbles  
take my heart but please don't break it; various pairings/ratings; drabbles
A bundle of four song-inspired drabbles on different pairings. On iTunes random shuffle.
note: lapslock.
rant: yay for mainly conversations. oh and be glad i'm spamming jongkey. lol.

1. life - shinee; jongyu/jongkey; angst; pg; wc: ~118
he still wished Jonghyun would be here by his side, telling life was being a bitch and things would return to how it were.
but he's gone; with kibum, out the door last year, telling him not to be so naive, because there was no love between jonghyun and him—
like a tough person and china plates. they don't match at all, because all the love jinki was experiencing was only a bet, a stupid bet between jonghyun and kibum, and it was too sick for jinki to breathe, but he had to. fuck jonghyun, that bastard could die for all jinki cared.
but life was never fair and will always be a bitch— because jinki does care.

2. you belong with me - taylor swift; 2min; fluff; g; wc: ~99
"hyung!" taemin waved his hands from the rollercoaster, and minho swears his little dongsaeng was turning more wilder than he'd known, and he shouts back— because he's right beside and because it was taemin, that's why.
"hyung! i like this ride! let's play again!"
minho almost chokes on his smoothie as they entangle their limbs from the harness.
"hyung! come on, let's go, they're starting the next ride soon!"
"why why why tae, i'm feeling dizzy. ah, whatever. let's go."
"aw, i think we're meant to be, hyung!"
"how could you realize now minnie? you belong with me."

3. 너라고 (it's you) - super junior; onkey; angst; g; wc: ~164
"let go of me, jinki— i can never tolerate your attitude when you're around me. you look like you own me, and you don't even let others take a glance at me— jinki, i'm not stupid you know, you're being over-possessive."
"oh yeah? you should see how the other idol band members ogle at you and your butt when you dance to girl group songs and i was just being kind i didn't claw their eyes out or rip their throats out. they were about to eat you alive, kibum."
"do you love me, jinki?"
"yeah i do. even if you ask me a thousand times it's you. even if i reborn it's still you."
"then let me do what i want. why should you bother? our love would always be there."
"the problem is you, kibum, you."
"no it's not me jinki, it's not my fault people like to look at me— or my butt because i'm sexy like that."
"it's you."

4. supermassive black hole - muse; jongkey; fluff; g; wc: ~125
kibum thinks it's a crime staring at someone like that, but how is he to blame if the person you were staring at was hot, perfect, had a voice to die for, his hair dirty blond, the sharp angles of his hips sticking out of his jeans, rocking his body to the beat?
kibum thinks it's wrong, but it's certainly not his fault his gaze is being sucked in by that figure— damn he was sure that guy was shorter than him— but shorties are always sexy. he tried to convince himself that he wasn't attracted to this one especially.
"hey cutie, what's your name?"
okay, maybe it wasn't so bad if you got his attention.
oh shit, kibum thinks, what's my name?
Sohye's hearing: SHINee - Love (@ 김정은의 초콜릿)
☆泰民 圭賢 的飛機 - ✖♡✈☁☂: squishyonewmeltrules on October 13th, 2010 05:15 am (UTC)
lol i had like this sudden inspiration during my lit exam to write macbeth au and like its. well. lol idk. 8)
WRITE MOAR 2MIN (: yeah requests are good. i just hope you won't get overwhelmed D:
♕: hee-1sohye_x3ctmh on October 13th, 2010 05:54 am (UTC)
lol . i wanted to do romeo&juliet on 2min. lmao.

i probably won't xD you'll request from me won't ya ? xD