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30 September 2010 @ 09:51 pm
[drabble] Rainy Days and (without) Umbrellas; 2min  
Rainy Days and (without) Umbrellas; 2min; G; Fluff; wc: ~270
Taemin groans, the cold puddle on his palm making him shiver through his uniform.

Taemin bites his lips. He doesn't like rain.
His palm outstretched, feeling the cold moisture on his arm, one arm clutching books and backpack slinging lazily over his shoulders.

He regrets for not bringing an umbrella (Kibum screams early in the morning at five, 'Taemin-ah! Bring an umbrella~ Lady Forecast says it's going to rain today!'), but what could he do now? He groans.

Everyone is dashing out into the rain; with or without an umbrella covering their heads, girls screaming in the rain about their soaked shoes and boys yelling about this fun while soaking each other.

Taemin groans. For the umpteenth time. He hates rain, did I mention?

Almost all of the student body exited the empty school, and Taemin feels alone, the rain never ending nor getting any smaller.
In fact, it looked like it got heavier.

Taemin... groans.

Just then, a figure appeared from the corner round the school gate, and Taemin wonders who is could be, coming back to school at such a bad weather.

Taemin sighs, digging his chin into his knees, sitting on the staircase by the school gate, sheltered (of course).

"Taemin!" Said boy turns his head to the source of the voice, eyes shocked at the discovery.

"Minho hyung! What are you doing here?!" Taemin was shocked, seeing his hyung half drenched, smiling.

"I'm here to fetch you, I saw your umbrella at home so I knew you didn't bring it, and I was worried." Minho shrugs, and Taemin hugs him tight, a different type of warmth in the cold afternoon.

Taemin thinks rainy days aren't as bad as usual anymore.


hi, so it was raining today and i got half drenched .
sorry for inactiveness , major writer's block in me , LOLOLOL .
Sohye's hearing: SHINee - HELLO
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♕: pic#104700905sohye_x3ctmh on October 1st, 2010 08:45 am (UTC)
meep ! i have a good idea while writing for exams today but sort of lost it ;---;

me too ! XDD