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19 October 2010 @ 10:45 pm
beside my garden ; sohye_x3ctmh ;
taemin/minho, (there is a little jongkey if you squint :P) ;
pg-13 (mentions of sex) ; fluff ; wc: ~2,336 ;

Taemin's a new kid on the block, Minho's a stubborn teenager who smokes because his parents say not to; Taemin is a determined dancer that lights up the whole apartment, and Minho is an annoying neighbor who makes Taemin believe in love, beside his mini-garden.
requested by tagasaing bb♥ @ twomin_utesoflove .

Taemin shoves an alarm clock in Minho's face, telling him it was already one in the afternoon, and he better get his lazy ass up. "Ten more minutes," that's all Minho manages, before slumping down and Taemin giggles.Collapse )

new works would be posted to parad_oxical instead, sorry for the inconvenience.
old fics would still be rooted here (because i'm lazy to recover the fics that might be lost here, or reposting them again).
Sohye's at: yesung's insoles
Sohye's feeling: rejuvenatedyay
Sohye's hearing: Younha (윤하) - It Can't Be (말도 안돼)
17 October 2010 @ 12:46 am
drowning in blue; jongkey/jongyu; angst/fluff; pg; wc: ~1,280
It hurts for Jonghyun to acknowledge that player Kibum wasn't the 'one' he was looking for after twenty years of his pathetic life (or so he thinks), and Jinki comes along as his best friend, and hints are taken into consideration, Jonghyun solves the puzzle and Kibum is forgotten forever.
requested by cloudyday2sb  @ twomin_utesoflove .



Jinki laughs; it’s almost like a needle stuck in his heart for years, it’s small yet it hurts a lot; it’s like clot in the brain, a little and it gets all corrupted and complicated; it’s like dust in the eyes, it’s barely visible but it’s hard to rid of.Collapse )


i'll be working on the next request asap .

13 October 2010 @ 09:01 pm
sweet cherries on cream with blue icing and a ton of sugar. you can have it.

this is a request post , which means anything you comment back on here would be seen by me

since i will have a lot of time on my hands after this week , and i'm dry of ideas , i'd like to take up any requests .
REQUESTS (confirmed)
{click on done if it is done, for the link to the fic. :P}

 1.  cloudyday2sb
- Jongkey/Jongyu/ Angst, PG-13
'If you've ever been alone in the dark blue
If you've ever been alone you'll know'

- Dark Blue ; Jack's Mannequin
- {101013}; Status: DONE.

2. tagasaing
- 2Min/ Fluff, PG
'The Girl in 14G'
- Kristin Chenoweth ;
- {101013}; Status: DONE.

3. owlbee (rea)
- Onkey/ Fluff, Incest(?), PG-13
"Don't say we're not right for each other because the way I see it, we might not be right for anyone else."
- The Cutting Edge ;
- {101013}; Status: DONE.

4. pjvj10 (Pooja)
- Jongyu/OT5/ Fluff, PG
Jonghyun is kind of neglected and starts hanging out with a few of his hyungs and then SHINee members start to miss him and get irritated.
- {101013}; Status: DONE

5. aitotchideto (Ai)
- 2Min/Onkey/Jongyu, Fluff, PG
http://i55.tinypic.com/4iiptw.jpg and http://i53.tinypic.com/28v9isl.jpg
- {101013} ; Status: WRITING

6. izon_no_niwa (Angelique)
- Junseung, romance, mystery, angst, parties, drugs. etc, PG-13
Endless, A Silent Whisper
First of Summer
A Call to Arms
- Urbandub ;
- {101014}

7. themagicalfaggy (Annie)
- Junseung, romance, humor and fluff, PG
One Week l snapshots l Adorkable l This l and Hyunseung saying this maybe.
- {101014}

8. mad_nux
- Jongkey/Ontae, highschool romance/ fluff, PG13
Jong is bff with onew. Key is bff with Taemin. Jong and Key don't like each other . Onew likes Taemin, so Jong and Key have to cooperate to try to get OnTae to be together.. in the process JongKey fall for each other
- {101014}

9. hikari_7losa 
- 2Min, Highschool romance/fluff, PG-13
taemin is the one who take first step, he can become spoiled kid but can become mature too, taemin is a cheerful boy who have a lot friends but have friend who hate him too.
taemin will be 1st person who come to his house and make all minho's family get shock
minho is a soccer player. He will injured and taemin will take care of him in minho's house..

- {101014}


Requests are closed as from 15 October.
take my heart but please don't break it; various pairings/ratings; drabbles
A bundle of four song-inspired drabbles on different pairings. On iTunes random shuffle.
note: lapslock.
rant: yay for mainly conversations. oh and be glad i'm spamming jongkey. lol.

1. life - shinee; jongyu/jongkey; angst; pg; wc: ~118
fuck jonghyun, that bastard could die for all jinki cared. but life was never fair and will always be a bitch— because jinki does care.Collapse )

2. you belong with me - taylor swift; 2min; fluff; g; wc: ~99
"hyung! come on, let's go, they're starting the next ride soon!"Collapse )

3. 너라고 (it's you) - super junior; onkey; angst; g; wc: ~164
"no it's not me jinki, it's not my fault people like to look at me— or my butt because i'm sexy like that."Collapse )

4. supermassive black hole - muse; jongkey; fluff; g; wc: ~125
oh shit, kibum thinks, what's my name?Collapse )
Sohye's hearing: SHINee - Love (@ 김정은의 초콜릿)
09 October 2010 @ 09:07 pm
[oneshot] into the new world; taeminho; g; angst/fluff; au!afterlife; wc: ~1,064
he's seventeen; he feels wrong on the exterior, feels home inside; he doesn't remember who he is, what happened but then this boy comes along and says his name, and he feels as if he's suffocating because that's what his heart is saying, and that is what happening to him.

He remembers black and white in his previous world, he remembers gray-fading memories and ripped photos, tear-stained bedsheets and blood-stained toilet sinks, burnt test papers and cracked iPod screens; he thinks it's too much to take, but there's only one thing he can manage to say, think, feel, and love. "Minho..."Collapse )

fate; jongkey; g; fluff; wc:~208
he takes a step onto the old abandoned stage, positions himself under the antique dull focus of the spotlight, unaware of the silent audience as he began to inhale, then move his body as a response towards the slow beat of the ballad.
a gift to taintedlovee_x who would nag every single morning if i don't write jongkey soon :)
"Since you meddled with the sewing machine there," he gestured, "and said it was a cotton candy machine that doesn't work."Collapse )

ps: updated masterlist! :D here
Rainy Days and (without) Umbrellas; 2min; G; Fluff; wc: ~270
Taemin groans, the cold puddle on his palm making him shiver through his uniform.

a different type of warmth in the cold afternoon.Collapse )


hi, so it was raining today and i got half drenched .
sorry for inactiveness , major writer's block in me , LOLOLOL .
Sohye's hearing: SHINee - HELLO
24 September 2010 @ 09:39 pm
Best Thing (Not) On Earth; 2min; Fluff/Crack; G; wc: ~ 313
When some fly to the moon, get married and some choke on Mexicana chicken, all in a day.

Life is cruel.Collapse )

o.o thank you to monkeh_lee for the unique idea of '2min got married on the moon' but since i already did a wedding fic for 2min , i skipped the scene .

23 September 2010 @ 09:59 pm
I Will; Onkey; G; Fluff; wc: perfect 200
Kibum's willing to do anything.

"Just smile, Kibum, just smile."Collapse )

*late wish*

anyway, i'll be working on a sleeping beauty!onkey fic, it's titled Sleeping Beaukey and kekeke i'll be writing it on plain foolscap xD